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Photos: 0
Video: 44 mins
Birthday: May. 11
Ethnicity: Black
Hair Color: Other
Body Type: Muscular

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It's difficult being a single, divorced woman with a teenage daughter. Kristyna's on the phone with a friend, bemoaning the difficulties of child-rearing. "I hate to say this," 43-year-old Kristyna says. "She's my daughter. Well, she's turning into a slut." Suddenly, Kristyna hears something going on upstairs, and when she investigates, she finds Asante, practically naked, lying in her daughter's bed. "Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my daughter's room?" Kristyna asks. "Your daughter said I could crash here," he says. "Did you and my daughter fuck?" "Yeah. Just a little bit." A little bit? "How does one fuck a little bit?" Kristyna wonders. "She just has a thing for black guys," Asante explains. "She likes 'em large." What does he mean by large? And how large? Well, like daughter, like mother, Kristyna is about to find out.
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