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All households have rules, and the offspring must live by them. No playing video games until your homework's done. Finish all the peas on your plate before you get dessert. Do all your chores before you go out to play. Trisha Lynne, 43, a secretary from New York, has another rule: no pussy shaving! So when she catches her little twit of a daughter getting her pussy shaved by her boyfriend, Trisha takes immediate action. She kicks her daughter out of the room and shows the boyfriend what a mature, hairy pussy can do. You know, some parents talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Trisha Lynne is a mom who stands behind what she says. She's an important role model for parents everywhere. "I love to get freaky," Trisha said. But she also said, "I love riding a motorcycle, taking long walks, sewing and spending time with my kids and grandkids. Most people I know, especially my children, would be a little surprised to find out that I'm doing this, but I don't think they'd be totally shocked. Most people who know me know there's a side of me that likes to be different and take chances. I don't know a lot of women my age who would do what I'm doing, but I know a lot of women who should." Please send them our way, Trisha!
When this scene opens, Gabby Lamb is wearing a tiny bikini, and if you've ever seen a 40something mom look better in a swimsuit, we need to know about her. It's a beautiful day--although not nearly as beautiful as Gabby--and she plans on enjoying the sun. But that's not all she plans on enjoying. She also plans on enjoying the lawn guy, who's understandably completely distracted by this scorchingly hot MILF who has suddenly appeared in his view and taken her tits out of her bikini. So he comes closer for a better look. Daring yes, but we can't say we blame him. At this point, Gabby's nipples are rock-hard. They get harder when he grabs her tits. Before long, Gabby's spreading her long, shapely legs and he's eating and fingering this sexy redhead's shaved cunt right there by the pool. Ya gotta wonder if the neighbors could see them. If so, Gabby obviously doesn't mind. Then, still outdoors, she sucks his cock and balls. Yep, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Finally, they take the action inside, where Gabby keeps sucking and tit-fucking his dick. Then she spreads her legs again for a deep, hard fucking that doesn't end until Gabby's cum a few times and he's shot his load all over her tits. At the end, we get more great overhead views of her amazing body as she rubs in the cum and eats some of it, too. It looks like Gabby had a very good day.
Beware the wrath of the angry soccer/football mom whose kid has been cut from the team. Here, the soccer mom is Rachel, a 49-year-old wife from Cardiff, Wales. She's not happy. "Let's talk about it," the coach says, inviting her into his house. Somehow, you just know Rachel is going to get her way, even though the coach thinks her kid is a lousy footballer. "Is there anything we can do to put him back on the team for a little while?" she asks. "Do you have something in mind?" he asks. Well, she does. Her tits. Her mouth. Her pussy. Rachel is a very persuasive woman. IBonedYourMom: What kind of dates do you like to go on? Rachel: Hubby and I do date nights now and then. Book a local hotel, go for a meal somewhere nice or the cinema before heading back to the hotel. If the date is with someone else, we'll either go for a meal or a few drinks before either heading back to his place or the hotel. I will also book a day room in hotels to meet a fuck buddy during the day when hubby is at work. Not sure if you'd call it a date, but it's lots of fun. IBonedYourMom: What have you done for a living? Rachel: I have worked at riding stables, for a software company and a major retailer in their purchasing and supplier liaison department. IBonedYourMom: Are you a swinger? Rachel: I'm not a swinger but I am a hot wife. My husband is a cuckold and I have been seeing other guys on and off for over 20 years. IBonedYourMom: What is sexy to you? Rachel: Being charmed out of my knickers. Being seduced is such a turn-on.
Betty Boobs, a 49-year-old mom (and former SCORE Girl), is getting ready for her scene at when in walks...her son's best friend, who's only 20 years old. "Barry, what are you doing here?" she asks. "I'm the porn stud for the day," he says. "You're the porn stud? No, you're my son's best friend." Who says a guy can't be her son's best friend and a porn stud? Nobody. "So, are we going to have to hide this from my son?" she asks. Hide the fact that she's sucking his cock and balls on-camera? That he's eating his best friend's mom's pussy and fucking it? That his best friend's mom has the biggest tits and wettest pussy in town and is flexible, too? That he shot his load in her mouth? Well, they can try to hide those things, but is a public website (as long as you're over 18, of course). Betty was living in Las Vegas and fucking in a brothel the last time we saw her. Now she's living in Indiana. IBonedYourMom: What's a surefire way for a man to get on your good side? Betty: Be real! Don't try to play the player-type thing. Do fun things. Get creative. Teach me piano, teach me how to restore a car. Have an awesome conversation with me. IBonedYourMom: Sex on a first date? Betty: Why not? It's never taken off the table. If I click with you, of course I'm going to fuck you.