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Here's some really sleazy shit to rattle your cock. Some guy named Johnny sneaks into his teenage girlfriend's room when she's not around. He gets naked and climbs into her bed, thinking he's going to surprise her with his hard cock, but the surprise is on him: His girlfriend's mother shows up and catches him in her daughter's bed. She's ready to call Johnny's mom, but Johnny convinces her not to. How? By eating her pussy. Hey, that'll always work, especially if the mom is a woman as horny as Linda Roberts, a 47-year-old hottie from New York who now lives in Los Angeles, California. Before long, Mrs. Roberts is gobbling her daughter's boyfriend's cock, and all is well. Although we're pretty sure Linda's daughter wouldn't be too happy if she found out about this. Which she might if the guy feels compelled to tell her, "I boned your mom!"
In this scene, 40-year-old Isabella Flames provides the answer to the age-old question, "What's a mom to do when her son isn't getting enough playing time?" A. Complain to the board. B. Stand on the sidelines and yell at the coach. C. Fuck the coach. And the answer is...C. Fuck the coach! You see, Isabella is a woman who will do anything for her son. "He has a passion for soccer," she tells Coach Nicky when she goes to his house. But there's a problem: The kid sucks at soccer. The solution to the problem: Isabella sucks Coach Nicky's cock, and he doesn't bother to resist. After all, these coaches are volunteers. They're not getting paid. There should be some fringe benefit to spending your days dealing with a bunch of brats. By the way, this scene-Isabella's first hardcore at, once again, that when a woman has your cock in her mouth, she has all the power...especially when that woman looks as good as Isabella does.
Maddie Cross, a 56-year-old wife and mom, is enjoying a day at her pool, looking smashing in her little bikini, when a friend of the family's son comes over to help her out with some yard work. Well, it's this dude's lucky day because before long, Mrs. Cross is in the pool and getting her tits out, which is quite a sight. Maddie has beautiful, big, tan-lined tits, and the dude seems a little flustered. "I think I should probably go," he says. "I'm enjoying having you here," she says, telling him to come over. "We've got the place all to ourselves. Mr. Cross is gone. Your dad's nowhere around." "What am I getting myself into?" he says, still flustered. Well, buddy, you're about to get yourself into one of the hottest, sexiest MILFs around. By the way, from sucking to fucking to cum shot, this entire scene takes place outside. 50Plus MILFs: What do you do for your guy to make him feel special? Maddie: In and out of bed, I wear sexy lingerie, stockings and heels. 50Plus MILFs: What makes you extra horny? Maddie: A man with a sexy smile who smells really good and has manners. 50Plus MILFs: What's the best part of being a beautiful woman? Maddie: Turning heads as well as turning on younger guys. 50Plus MILFs: What's a surefire way for a guy to get on your good side? Maddie: All he really has to do is use the manners his momma taught him. Respect goes a long way with me.
Is it wrong for a woman to have a crush on her son's best friend? Is it wrong for her to want to sit on his face and suck and get fucked by his cock? After all, this guy is the same age as her son. Certainly, such behavior is not in tune with society's norms. But, hey, what's a woman to do when her hubby isn't giving her what she wants and her son's friend is sleeping over, big cock and all? Well, in 46-year-old Robbin Banks' case, what she does is sit on his face while he's sleeping. "What are you doing?" he asks, roused from his early-morning slumber. "It's okay," she says. "Relax." Damn right he should. After all, how often do you wake up and have Playboy ass in your face? "Good morning," she says. "Why don't you eat something? You must be hungry." Well, since the kitchen isn't nearby, he eats her pussy while she gobbles down his cock. Then he fucks her shaved, tattooed pussy while she grabs onto her big, fake tits. Robbin, who's from England, is a former Playboy model who, while known as Zoe Gregory, was one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends for a time. She also got some attention when she came out and said that baseball star Alex Rodiguez had hit on her before proposing to J-Lo. We have to admire A-Rod for having good taste, although his rod did not make it into Robbin's pussy. Too bad for him. Robbin now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She likes going to the beach, working out, traveling and eating out. Eating out, eh? We can see that.