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"My favorite position is doggy," said 54-year-old Ruby Lynne who, here, is enjoying her first professional on-camera fuck. "I love to have a guy behind me taking control. I also love missionary because I love to look into your eyes and see your expression and your emotion." It's no surprise that this wife, mother and grandmother loves doggy. She has a great ass. It's very grabbable, and wouldn't you love to bang Ruby Lynne from behind? Of course you would. That happens in this scene. Of course, Ruby Lynne also sucks cock, gets fucked in a lot of other positions, gets her pussy eaten and eats cum. As Ruby Lynne tells us in the pre-interview, she started out in adult entertainment by selling her dirty panties online. That led to webcamming and kept building until she ended up here. Ruby Lynne has been swinging for 13 years. She once had an orgy with seven other people. She's a nudist who says she "loves the nude beaches of Oregon." She also told us, "I have a cum fetish. I love it anywhere and love to see a guy cum for me. I love to be watched!" Is she sexually assertive or passive? "Assertive mostly. I know what I want." Sex with a younger man? "When I was 40, I had a 21-year-old. I met him at a bar and took him home. So hot!" Great. But Nicky, who's the guy she's fucking in this scene, is 21 years younger than her. Looks like she just set her personal record for young cock.
What's a woman like Holly Kiss to do when she has no hot water and no heat? She calls Johnny, aka Big Johnny, to help her, and he's got what she needs. Meaning he can fix her heat and water and a whole lot more. She's got what he needs, too. Holly, who's from England, takes out her big, firm, fake tits, and suddenly, just like that, his attention switches from the kitchen sink to her body, which is very hot but can still use some warming up. But do they go to the bedroom? No. The living room? No. They do it right there in the kitchen. Why? Because that's where they are, and they're so horny, they don't have any inclination to go somewhere else. Holly gets on the floor to suck his cock, warming it up just right, then she gets up on the counter so he can finger and eat her pussy. When her pussy is ready, he bends her over the counter and fucks her from behind, but the action is just beginning. After some more deep dick sucking, Holly bounces on his cock, and after he fucks her from behind and then doggy-style on the floor, he cums on her ass. Looks like he got the job done. Looks like Holly is very happy.
Some like when a woman takes her panties off when she's fucking. Some like when a woman keeps them on and her guy pulls them aside to get to her pussy. And some guys are okay with either one. In this scene, 46-year-old Una doesn't have to take off her panties because they're crotchless. That should satisfy everyone. It certainly satisfies Una and her stud, who fucks her hard, every which way, and shoots his load all over this brunette's pretty face. Before that, Una swallows his cock and Nicky eats her pussy. The fucking is passionate. "I love sex," Una said. "I like a lot of things. My favorite thing to do is male threesomes, and if they finish with a DVP, I'd be the happiest woman in the world." That's DVP as in double vaginal penetration. She's done many of those. She wants to do more. Plus, she's organized three orgies so far. And, yet, she's a mother of two. Favorite thing to do sexually: "It's best when I connect with someone, so if I do, anything that flows and feels good." Favorite position: "If I'm in a dominant mood, cowgirl, and if I am submissive, just anything my partner wants." How often she has sex: "I wish I had it every day, many times a day, but in reality, five or more times a week." We helped her out with that. She fucked twice in two days when she visited us in Miami. There's more to come.
"I found you, didn't I?" 52-year-old wife, mom and grandmother Halcyon Gold says at the start of this scene. And by you, she means you! Much of this scene was shot P.O.V.-style, so you can imagine it's your dick she's sucking (and she's a very good dick-sucker) and your dick she's fucking and it's your hands on her nice, big tits and their pierced nipples. "I'm not shy," Halcyon says to you. When she's sucking cock, swallowing all the way down to the balls, she's often looking right at you. She's grabbing her tits while she does it, too. IBonedYourMOM: Have you ever had sex with a much-younger man? Halcyon: Yes. In fact, my husband is 16 years younger than me! IBonedYourMOM: Do you like to be watched when you're having sex? Halcyon: I do, but there's that special kind of feeling where I have sex out in public and there may be someone watching who I don't know about and we may get caught. IBonedYourMOM: Sexual encounters with other women? Halcyon: Tons! IBonedYourMOM: Do you initiate sex or wait for the person to make the first move? Halcyon: It's gone both ways in my life, but I definitely am not afraid to let someone know when I'm ready.